Trapani: the whole of Sicily in a dish

Trapanese pesto, fish couscous... delicious Sicilian culinary arts between Italy and Africa

Of all those who spend a study holiday in Italy to immerse in the language, how many are also interested in Italian cooking? Well, practically all of them!

As in culture and landscape, in cooking arts too Sicily has a special place in Italy: fully Italian, yet so rich in Mediterranean and oriental elements. If you come to study Italian in Sicily you will be amazed by Sicilian cuisine, in particular the Trapanese one: tasty fruits and vegetables, high-quality olive oil, fresh fish, ricotta cheese or almond desserts and local specialities such as fish “cùscusu”... All affordable and delicious, like pizza, ice-cream, granita (slushes) and "tavola calda" (typical Sicilian fast-food). Scuola Virgilio's students can also become chefs for a day attending an Italian/Sicilian cookery class . These cooking lessons are available to those who attend Scuola Virgilio's intensive Italian group classes or the private Italian classes.