Trapani, Sicily: visiting the surroundings by bike and public transports

Trapani is a small town in a large natural environment which can be visited without a car

Trapani has many things that can be seen even without a car. The town is a natural hub between the islands, Erice, the countryside and the amazing saltpans landscape.

Other than the city bus company ATM, Trapani has a good public transport network allowing people to visit sites out of town.

In less than thirty minutes by public transport you can reach places such as Erice by city bus + cableway and the islands of FavignanaLevanzo and Marettimo by hydrofoil.

For those who like riding a bike, Trapani is an ideal place: all the coast area is flat and allows to cycle easily around the town all the way to the Saltpans. Bike buffs can also push themselves further to Mothia and even Marsala. You can also carry a bike on a train, get off at the Mozia-Birgi train station and then cycle towards the Stagnone lagoon. In Favignana as well it is advisable to rent a bicycle (a scooter for the lazier people...). Scuola Virgilio gives its students the chance to rent bicycles at very sensible prices! Those who stay one month or longer studying Italian in Sicily can buy a bike and then sell it when leaving.

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