Learning Italian and discovering a glorious natural heritage

Natural Reserves of Trapani: Egadi Islands, Saltpans, Stagnone Lagoon, Zingaro, Mount Cofano...

Attending an Italian language school in Sicily is a perfect opportunity not just to study Italian in Italy but also to enjoy wonderful landscapes, and the area of Trapani has 7 natural reserves.

In front of Trapani rises the Egadi archipelago, the largest marine protected area in Europe, with its crystal clear waters and its fishing villages: Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo.

On the mainland, next to Trapani lies the Saltpan reserve, a unique ecosystem hosting migratory birds in spring and autumn. Two large windmills have been converted into Salt Museums: one is in Nubia, a belonging to the Trapani saltpans, the other one belongs to the Ettore Infersa saltworks, in the Stagnone reserve, where archaeology and water sports coexist in the small island of Mothia and in its lagoon.

15 km west of Trapani, another natural reserve harbours wonderful rocky beaches at the foot of Mount Cofano, an awe-inspiring pyramid-like mountain. Between  San Vito Lo Capo and Scopello there is the famous Zingaro reserve: 4 miles of wild coast with the finest pebble beaches in Sicily! Both of these reserves host small but very interesting natural museums.