Prices and Dates for Courses, Accommodation and Activities

Italian Courses



In this section you can find all the information about prices and dates for all services provided by Scuola Virgilio. Also please refer to our Facebook page for special offers intended for those who like the page.

Scuola Virgilio's Italian language classes in Sicily are open to everyone: for children and teenagers (under age 18) parental authorisation is required.

To register, fill in the registration form and pay the 50€ registration fee that includes:

Once paid, the registration fee cannot be refunded in any case.

For further information please refer to the section about Terms and Conditions.


Intensive Italian group courses

Intensive Italian group courses take place over 27 consecutive weeks from April 27th through to October 30th 2020. For further information about the dates, please refer to the registration form.

Two course formats are available:

- Standard 15 hours1:

one week 200€  |  two weeks 380€  |  three weeks 560€  | each extra week 160€

- Standard Plus 20 hours1:

one week 320€  |  two weeks 620€  |  three weeks 900€  | each extra week 280€

1 (1 hour = 60 minutes)

All prices include:

Teaching materials;
Two activities: a guided tour of the old town of Trapani (for the first week of course) and a session of Italian conversation in a café every week.

Weekly (and daily) tuition hours for a Standard course:

For classes of three students or less, schedules are as follows:

The Standard Plus course includes the hours of a Standard course plus:

Classes are arranged by Scuola Virgilio's DOS according to each student's level of Italian, based on a written test and possibly an oral test.

To join the intensive group courses, registration to Scuola Virgilio is compulsory.


Private Italian classes

Scuola Virgilio offers tailor-made private courses year-round: 1-on-1, 1-on-2 and small groups. When booked separately, the minimum package available is 10 hours (no minimum if private lessons are combined with a group course).

It is possible to choose the type of class (conversation, grammar, industry-specific language...) and the place (at Scuola Virgilio's premises or at home). Private lesson prices per hour (60 minutes):

For private students:
1-on-1 lessons: 39€
1-on-2 lessons: 45€

For institutionscompanies and professionals*:
1-on-1 lessons: 45€
1-on-2 lessons: 55€
*including Italian FL teachers (working either in public or private schools)

For further details, please refer to the registration form. To sign up for private lessons, registration to Scuola Virgilio is compulsory.


Intensive study holidays for groups

Scuola Virgilio can arrange upon request study holidays for groups (schools, companies, clubs, and so on). The standard offer includes a 15-hour course (3 hours per day for 5 days) that can be extended to up to 30 hours per week (mornings and afternoons). Classes are held at Scuola Virgilio or other premises (even at the beach or outdoors). The package can include accommodation, excursions, cooking courses and more activities.

Package example for 8+ people:

Price: 440€ per person. For further information please contact Scuola Virgilio.


Homestay lessons with an Italian teacher

Upon request, Scuola Virgilio can arrange a study holiday at the teacher's home for one or more people. The standard offer includes 15 hour of classes (3 hours per day, for 5 days) that can be extended to up to 30 hours per week (mornings and afternoons). Lessons may take place at the teacher's place or at Scuola Virgilio or another location (for example, at the beach or outdoors). Lessons can also be held in the form of excursions to cultural sites.

The basic package includes:

Price: 890€ per person. If you wish to have full board-accommodation and/or increase the amount of tuition hours and/or join with another person you can get a custom-made package upon request.


Italian language special programs

Scuola Virgilio's special programs are aimed towards very specific needs and are offered upon request only. If you are interested in one of these programs, please contact Scuola Virgilio, you will be provided with all the information needed as soon as possible.


Italian language certification

If you want to take an Italian language certification exam, Scuola Virgilio offers packages including registration, a given amount of preparation hours (5 minimum) and the exam. The basic package includes 5 hours 1-to-1 for 370€. For more in-depth preparation, a package including 10 hours for 530€ is available, as well as one including 15 hours for 690€. If you need preparation for two or more people, you can contact Scuola Virgilio for availabilities and prices.


Online Italian courses

Scuola Virgilio's online Italian courses are available for at least 10 lessons with the following rates (1 hour = 60 minutes):
10 hours   250€
15 hours   350€
20 hours   450€

If you are interested in Italian distance classes, you should first contact Scuola Virgilio to arrange a free test lesson (20 minutes). To start attending lessons, you need to pay for the registration fee and the chosen package. At each lesson, the relevant prorated amount will be debited. It is possible to cancel the class with a 24-hour notice, otherwise the amount due for the class will be charged.



Thanks to its partner agencies and trusted families, Scuola Virgilio can offer its students several types of accommodation in Trapani catering for different needs and budgets:

These types of accommodation are listed in an increasing order of comfort and price. However, accommodation of higher standards are often subject to discounts and offers. Shared flat and host family accommodation are not subject to discounts or offers but are cheaper in case of longer stays.

Important: Scuola Virgilio is not the owner of the suggested accommodation facilities or a commercial intermediary, it only provides its students with a booking service free of charge. The transaction occurs between the tenant and the accommodation owner/manager.

Shared flats in Trapani

These are flats with 3 or more independent rooms, shared kitchen and shared or private bathroom. Some flats have a washing machine. Breakfast is not included. The cleaning service is not included but can be requested at an extra charge.

Prices for a single/double room with shared bathroom
2 weeks (minimum stay): 300€/450€
3 weeks: 400€/600€
4 weeks: 500€/750€
Extra week: 100€/150€

High season extra charge from the middle of July until the end of August: 25€ per week (per person).


Host family accommodation in Trapani

Accommodation in a host family can be in a flat with a single person, a couple or a family and includes:

There is no half board or full board option.
Prices vary depending on the type of accommodation. Approximate rates from May to October:


Self-catering apartments in Trapani

Studio flats for one person or two and close to Scuola Virgilio are available, as well as small flats for up to 4 people.

Prices vary depending on the type of accommodation. Approximative prices from May to October:


Hotel and B&Bs in Trapani

Scuola Virgilio has agreements with selected hotels and B&Bs in the town centre of Trapani. Prices vary according to the accommodation type and the period. For further information, please contact Scuola Virgilio


Tours, excursions

During the intensive Italian courses season, at the beginning of each week Scuola Virgilio informs its students about available visits, excursions and activities organised by the school or partner agencies. Prices vary depending on the type of activity and the number of participants. Excursions outside Trapani have an average price of about 30€.

Apart from these paid activities, Scuola Virgilio proposes many free activities to its students, such as the guided tour of Trapani town centre and the weekly Italian conversation in a cafÈ.

Cooking classes

Along with intensive courses in groups and private Italian classes by the sea, Scuola Virgilio offers cooking classes and short courses in partner cooking schools and local families. Prices vary depending on the format, the type of dishes prepared and the number of people joining, starting from 30€ per person.