Specific private Italian lessons for teachers in Trapani, Sicily.

Italian lessons for language professionals and instructors teaching Italian in their own country.

Amongst other Italian courses in Sicily, Scuola Virgilio also offers specific courses for non-native Italian teachers and other language professionals. If you are an Italian teacher in your country or wish to become one, then you can attend specific classes offering in-depth study of Italian didactics, both theoretical (phonetics, morphology, syntax, language history, etc.) and practical (observation and handling of a class). On request, for apprentice teachers a full-fledged work internship can be arranged with a specific number of hours to be agreed upon.

If you are a translator or an interpreter it will be possible to focus on vocabulary, be it technical terminology or colloquial expressions and sayings, or other specificities of the language, related to a given epoch (medieval or renaissance italian...), style (like poetry, jourmalism...) or a geographical area (regional Italian or dialects), and so on.

Since Scuola Virgilio is also a CELI exam centre (authorised by the University of Perugia), you also have the possibility to obtain an official diploma to certify an advanced level (C1 or C2) in the Italian language. Before the exam you can also attend a specific preparation course.

These higher training courses in Italian are available year round and they are given by Scuola Virgilio's most experienced teacher, in particular the Director of Studies. Moreover these lessons can be part of a package as a homestay course at the teacher's home to work as closely as possible.

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